A Tea Trivia Quiz

Think you know a lot about tea—take this tea trivia quiz and see! Answers in tomorrow’s post.

1. Most experts accept what year as when the first tea was drunk?
a. 2737 B.C ... b. 1500 A.D ... c. 1280 A.D.

2. The first teapots were modeled after what?
a. apple ... b. musk melon ... c. moon

3. The first Europeans to drink tea were:
a. English ... b. Dutch ... c. Portuguese

4. Tea is grown in about how many countries?
a. 5 ... b. 13 ... c. 40

5. Orange pekoe refers to:
a.the scent of orange added to tea ... b. the size of the tea leaf ... c. the orange color of the leaf

6. Which tea is often referred to as the “mocha” of tea?
a. Pu’erh ... b. Yunnan ... c. Keemun

7. Gunpowder green tea is called this because?
a. it packs a real kick ... b. the rolled pellets resemble gunpowder ... c. actual gunpowder is used in the processing of this tea

8. Which tea is often called the Champagne of teas?
a. Assam ... b. Darjeeling ... c.Oolong

9. Cupping refers to:
a. drinking tea from a guywan ... b. drawing tea to the face with cupped hands ... c. evaluating tea

10. Which of the following isn’t a tisane?
a. Chamomile tea ... b. Lemon Balm tea ... c. Sencha

11. Queen Victoria is credited with adding this to tea:
a. honey ... b. cream ... c. lemon

12. Teacups were first manufactured in China but which Europeans made the first Western cups?
a. Germans ... b. English ... c. French