Favorite Tea Things: Tea Forté

I’m usually a stickler about using only the highest quality loose-leaf tea. Normally I’ll drink plain water before I will drink tea made with a teabag. But there are times at afternoon tea when you want something different, something unique. Sometimes a gorgeous design is just the touch you’re looking for.

I’d like to recommend Tea Forté and their beautiful teas and products. (No, I have no association with this company other than being a happy customer.) Tea Forté uses silken pyramids to hold their tea. Each pyramid infuser is topped with a little silk tea leaf. The tea inside is whole leaf, not the fannings and dust you find in regular teabags.

The combination of teas and herbs and flowers they use isn’t extreme or overwhelming. It is subtle and sublime. The color of the tea produced is vibrant. And most important it tastes good.

I don’t normally drink flavored teas or tisanes but I enjoy all of Tea Forté’s blends. One of my favorites is Flora which is made with hibiscus flowers. It makes a bright red cup that is a real treat for the senses. Another favorite is Bombay Chai which has the most amazing aroma.

Tea Forté has many black teas and blends, tisanes, a rooibos, greens and even a white tea. It would be difficult not to find something for everyone on that list. I think you’d enjoy visiting their web site and looking at all their teas.

For your next afternoon tea, present your guests with their choice of these beautiful teas. It is so much fun for everyone to compare the tea inside the little pyramids and the colors in the cups. It is an especially good way to introduce non-tea drinkers to tea. I haven’t met anyone, even the most dedicated tea snob, who doesn’t enjoy this tea. Try it!