County Fair Tea: Timetable

Woody Woodpecker Clock Manufactured in the 1950s by Columbia Time Products


Up to one week before:
Make and freeze cinnamon rolls, without icing

Two days before:
Prepare pulled pork
Make honey roasted nuts

One day ahead:
Bake potatoes for potato bites
Prepare frozen bananas
Bake caramel apple bars

Two hours ahead:
Prepare sausage tarts
Prepare filling and toppings for potato bites

One hour ahead:
Bake sausage tarts
Slice potato bites
Ice cinnamon rolls

Half hour before:
Reheat potato bites, fill and top
Prepare onion rings, keep warm in low oven
Heat pulled pork, fill rolls just before serving

Ten minutes before serving:
Reheat sausage tarts for 5 minutes
Prepare tea