Princess Tea Party: Tea Sandwiches for Children

I’m often asked for suggestions for tea sandwich fillings that children will like. As for any other tea you host, buy quality ingredients. I’ve listed many suggestions that contain no nuts. This is something to consider with children as your little guests might forget to tell you about an allergy.

I haven’t included chicken, egg, tuna or ham salad tea sandwiches. So often children don’t like mayonnaise. If you know your guests’ tastes though, feel free to consider these choices too.

Apple butter on raisin bread
Cinnamon sugar on buttered white
Jelly on bread, rolled into pinwheels
On white, marshmallow cream topped with bananas and strawberries
Deli ham and cheese on bread, made into cute shapes with cookie cutters
Garden spread, cream cheese mixed with carrots, celery, cucumber or other veggies
Fruit spread, cream cheese sweetened with honey mixed with chopped seasonal fruit
Cheese spread (homemade or from a jar) topped with very thinly sliced pear
Toasted bread spread with grape jelly and small pieces of bacon
Homemade bread, warm from the oven, simply spread with butter
Turkey slices on buttered bread with spinach leaves
Little Smokies wrapped in crescent roll dough (dough will need to be cut to size)
Thin slices of chicken on bread, spread with a bit of butter, topped with apple slices
Fruit-honey spread on biscuits
Mini English muffins topped with cheese and a pizza sauce and run under the broiler
Peanut butter and jelly
Peanut butter and marshmallow cream
Peanut butter and Nutella
Nutella and banana or other sliced fruit

This time of year, I like to garnish the tea sandwich plates with stems of frozen grapes. Kids love these but they have to have the stem for some reason known only to the kids. :)