Breakfast Tea on a Tray

This is the perfect time of the year, in my part of the world, for breakfast in bed. The windows are open, the air fresh, and there is no need for either air conditioning or the furnace. One of the secrets of living with four seasons is to jump ahead into the coming season by a few weeks. I’m tired of summer now. I crave the crispness of Autumn with its apples and long sleeves. My tea tray features hints of the coming season.

This tea tray menu isn’t elegant or glamorous; rather it is homey and warm. Pumpkin pancakes make a return to set an Autumn mood. There is a Sausage Hash to spice things up a bit. Homemade Chunky Applesauce compliments the both the season and the other food. A perfect tea to serve is Ceylon Vithanakande Black from Teavana. This tea combines the malty flavor of Ceylon, with the strength of Assam, and the complexity of China black and will hold up well with the hash.

Dos and Don’ts for a Breakfast Tea on a Tray:

*Do use a tea tray with legs for actually eating in bed. Flat trays can be a bit wobbly.
*Do set up a small table for holding a flat tray.
*If you don’t have a tray, do use a jelly roll pan covered with a tea towel or large napkin.
*Don’t place large cartons or jars on the tray. Maple syrup, milk, jam or jelly should be served on the tray in small individual containers.
*Do use flowers but nothing with too much scent.
*Do include the tea pot on the tray instead of simply bringing one cup of tea.
*Do set the pot and other accessories on a bedside table to avoid spills.
*Do use butter pats or whip up the butter and serve in a small dish.
*When serving tea to a male person, don’t use your flowery china or lace napkins.
*Don’t reserve serving tea in bed for only your sweetie. Kids love this too.
*Do have a couple large napkins on the tray.
*Do include a newspaper or favorite magazine to enjoy after eating, not during.
*Do put an alarm watch under your pillow so you can slip out of bed to prepare the tea tray if you want it to be a surprise.
*Don’t forget the lemon, milk and sugar if the tea tray recipient uses them. You don’t want to have to return to the kitchen.
*Do consider whether to present the tea tray and leave the recipient in peaceful luxury (good for a mom with small kids) or whether to include enough on the tray for yourself.
*Do add a little love note to the tray whether it is for a husband, wife or the kids.
*Don’t forget the clean up the kitchen. No one wants to get up after a leisurely tea in bed to be faced with a big mess.
*Do expect lots of kisses and hugs!

Recipes for Breakfast Tea on a Tray are coming up tomorrow.