Princess Tea Party: A Quiz

Next week the Tea Party theme will be a Princess Tea Party. To get you in the mood, here is a little quiz about Princesses. Test your own memory or use this quiz at the tea party as an ice breaker. Some Princesses are from fairy tales and yes, some are Disney. I think the smaller girls might know Disney Princesses more than the others so I included them.

1. Which Princess “let down her long hair?”
2. Where did Fa Mulan live?
3. One Princess had to kiss an icky animal to find her Prince. What was the animal?
4. Name an American Indian Princess?
5. A very delicate and tender Princess could not sleep, even on twenty mattresses, because one tiny vegetable was hurting her. What was the vegetable?
6. Beautiful Bell loved which Prince?
7. Which Princess lives under the sea?
8. Which Princess lost her glass slipper at the ball?
9. This pretty Princess lived with seven little guys; who is she?
10. She slept for 100 years before the Prince kissed her and woke her. Who was the Princess?