My World Wednesday: Oh, Baby!

My husband and I were born just two months apart and in the same hospital. I've always liked these baby pictures of us. They hang together on the wall of my office. They were even taken by the same photographer but unfortunately there is no date on either. I think I must be a bit older than my husband in the pictures because he seems to be toothless while I have lots of teeth. These kinds of pictures were always in black and white but were often colored by hand.

Random Ramblings

I'm probably just slow to notice but when did cans all come with pop tops? I made chili the other day and both the bean and tomato sauce cans didn't require a can opener. They did, however, require a dinner knife to pry the tab up. I don't have long nails or arthritis but there was no way I could open the can. Is this really an improvement over a few twists of the can opener?

Does anyone remember when pop tops actually detached from the cans? People had the habit of sticking the tab back into the can and then drinking the soda or beer. I guess they also had the habit of swallowing the tab.


Is anyone else bothered by the NBC coverage of the Olympics this time? Because so many events don't happen live, the network is able to edit them to death. Did you ever see so many commercials? Only the top few athletes are shown at their events and not all sports even make it on television. I really don't like the focus on the gold medal count either. The individual athletes deserve to have their moment in the spotlight no matter the country they represent.

In the what-were-they-thinking category, I must nominate Misty May Treanor of the tiny bikini wearing beach volleyball team. When President Bush visited, May-Treanor bent over and offered her rear-end for the 43rd president to slap. Bush had the good sense to give her a little pat on the back, not backside. How gauche of Misty.


On another TV note, what has happened to the Food Network? They thought the challenge shows would appeal to the male audience so every night they take the 7:00 p.m. slot. Men are either foodies or not, I don't think my sports-minded husband would really care to watch a challenge that features making chocolate into Disney characters.

And how many shows do they need showing the host traveling around the country eating/showcasing food products? Are there any FN "celebrities" who haven't done this? It seems to be one big advertisement.

Their daytime lineup is constantly changing which I find annoying. I mean, I really need to know when to find Paula! Thankfully, Ina's spot on the lineup is constant.


Is anyone else having problems with Blogger's messing up their spacing? My paragraphs either all run together or have too many spaces between them. Today I composed directly to the page, everything looked great, preview was fine and when I published, it was a mess.

Enough rambling (complaining?) for today. Back to tea tomorrow!