Princess Tea Party: Menu Selections

Please forgive my late post today. I had emergency dental issues. Actually I still have dental issues since I now need a root canal. Yippee!

For the Princess Tea menu, I’ve listed several items from which you could choose to go along with the sandwich fillings I posted yesterday. Offer two sandwich choices, a fruit or veggie, one or two sweets and one or two choices of drink.

Pink applesauce
Cream stuffed strawberries
Mixed fruit served in an orange half
Celery stuffed with peanut butter and topped with raisins
Celery stuffed with pimento cheese spread
Baby carrots served with dip
Mixed crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and green beans

Decorated Princess cake
Tea breads
Brownie bites
Rice Krispie treats cut out into cute shapes and decorated with candies
Cup cakes sprinkled with edible glitter
Sugar cookies
Princess scepter wands (above)
Bar cookies cut in diamond shapes

Fruit decaf teas
Raspberry ginger ale
White grape juice
Sparkling water with lemon slices
Hot chocolate for older children who are not likely to spill

This concludes the Princess Tea Party. I hope you’ll throw one for the little girls in your life. This tea is specifically for girls but if there is a brother in the family, he could attend as a Prince, a Knight or even a Pirate.

Come back next week for another tea party theme.