Have you had the experience of seeing something from your past that is now referred to as retro or vintage? It is a bit disturbing. But my new tea party theme will be a Retro Tea. To get in the mood, does anyone remember:

Bikes with balloon tires, bells and handle bar tassels;
Spot and Puff;
Forts in the woods;
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.;
White Go-Go Boots;
The Beatles on Ed Sullivan;
Daniel Boone coonskin hats;
Poor Boy Shirts;
Roller skates that strapped onto your shoes;
Take the Last Train to Clarksville;
Ernest T. Bass;
Rat Fink;
The Prettiest Girl, I Ever Saw, Was Sipping Ci-der, Through a Straw;
Mint growing wild along every small stream;
Goldfish bowls;
Aluminum Christmas trees and color wheels;
Slipcovers and the corkscrew pins that held them in place;
Mini skirts;
Banana seats and high sissy bars;
The cracks and pops of heavily-played records;
VW Beetles;
Baton twirling;
Accordion players on Amateur Hour;
Watching Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights with your grandparents;
Cooking pork for an hour to kill bacteria we no longer worry about;
Suede jackets with long fringes;
Pressure cookers;
Measuring cups without metric markings;
The things your parents said about boys with long hair…until your brother had long hair;
Draft dodgers;
Wearing stockings because pantyhose hadn’t quite been invented yet;
Hot pants;
Being required to wear only dresses or skirts to school;
Green uniforms and berets for Junior Scouts;
Sit-Upons and Som’mores;
Candy and gum for 5 cents;
Coke coolers that had water in the bottom, reach in and take a bottle;
Plastic artificial flowers;
TV dinners in silver foil trays;
Walking on the railroad tracks;
Chinese Jump Rope;
The Onesies, Twosies, Threesies of Jacks;
Gray and red Farmall tractors;
Rain barrels;
Women wearing hats and gloves to church;
Formica tables;
Kool-aid and Fizzies;
Wax Lips and fingernails;
Polio Sugar Cubes;
Starting the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance and saying grace before lunch;
Twinkies in your lunch box;
Milkmen who delivered milk in glass bottles;
Super Balls;
Wicker clothes baskets, wooden clothes pins and wringer washers;
Grandma wearing her apron from morning to night;
Crocheted vests;
Chains of pop tops from soda cans;
The Ladies’ Aid Society;
Black lights and posters;
Jello Salads;
Flyswatters and fly tape;
Dirt floor basements;
Buying Savings Bonds at school, 25 cents a week;
Almost everyone’s home had a piano;
Collecting books of Green Stamps;
Troll Dolls;
I’m ‘enry the Eighth, I am;
Skin the Cat;
Believing you’d get warts if a toad peed on your fingers;
Children’s Day at Sunday School where every kid had a “part” to recite before everyone;
Peanut scrambles;
The Name Game, Alice, Alice BoBalice, Bananafanna FoFalice;
Ice houses, smoke houses, chicken coops and outhouses, no longer used but still standing;
Gas pole lights and the seasonal decorations most people used on them;
Watching punch come out of your brother’s nose because he was laughing so hard;
Cone-shaped pole lights;
10-4 Good Buddy;
Weekly Readers;
The annual church picnic, especially the grab bag.