My World Wednesday: Statehood Quarters

Every few weeks my husband makes me empty out my wallet. No, he isn’t checking to see how much money I’ve spent—he’s looking for quarters! My husband has always been a change-checker. It used to be wheat pennies and pre-1965 quarters and Bicentennial Quarters. He even carries a silver dollar in his pocket. So when the state quarters came out, he went right to collecting.

State quarters are issued from two mints, Denver and Philadelphia. Each quarter is marked with either a D or a P. While my husband did well with the Philadelphia coins, finding Denvers has been quite difficult.

Several months ago he said, “You must have contacts with people west of the Mississippi. Couldn’t you make a post asking about D quarters?” His request kept slipping my mind or didn’t fit in with what I was blogging about when I did think of it.

Lucky for me, CeeKay of Thinkin' of Home had the same idea as my husband. She posted this week wondering if anyone wanted to do a quarter trade. My husband was so excited when I told him. He jumped right out of his chair (usually it takes dynamite to move him that quickly) and went directly to his quarter stash. He had all the quarters CeeKay was missing and she had almost all of the ones he needed. Yaaaaay!

I thought I’d show my husband’s quarter system. He has several coin books that he fills in when he gets new quarters. What’s a bit unusual though is his method for storing his extra quarters. He uses empty pill containers which are just the right size to hold the quarters. Each container is marked with the state and the year the quarter was issued. My husband is a very precise fellow it seems.

There are only two more state quarters to be issued and I thought his coin collecting would simmer down. But wait! There are now Presidential Dollars to be had! Six have come out so far and wouldn’t you know, they come out in both Ds and Ps. Oh, joy.