Bridal Shower Tea Party: Timetable

Ingraham Regulator B, Octagon Top, School, Time Only, 8-day, C.1903

Three Days Before the Tea:
Bake the Dried Cherry Lemon Scones and freeze
Bake the Lavender Shortbread Cookies and freeze

Two Days Before the Tea:
Mix the Chicken Salad
Prepare the Tea Concentrate

Day Before the Tea:
Bake the Mini Quiche (reheat just before serving)
Prepare the Cumber Cups but don’t fill
Carve the Watermelon Basket, reserve watermelon

Morning of the Tea:
Prepare the Watercress, Pear and Walnut Salad
Fill the Cucumber Cups
Assemble the Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches
Fill the Watermelon Basket

My friend Anita from Prairie Dreams passed on this award to me. The award has been designed especially for Anita by anajz of The Sustainable Backyard and is one of the prettiest I've seen. Anita is such a big inspiration to me, not only for ways to go green, but more importantly in how to come out the other side of a disaster even better than before. Anita takes the time to answer each post to her blog and that has me checking in with her several times a day. Thank you, Anita!