A Bridal Shower Tea Party: Watermelon Basket

A Watermelon Basket always looks so pretty on a dessert table. Fill with balls of watermelon and cantalope or use a mixed fruit salad. Carve a very simple basket or add extra details. The basket below is the easiest to make because it uses all straight lines. A jagged edge like the one above is a bit fancier but still easy to do.

To make the three baskets below, use a template and mark the design on the melon before carving. The tools used for Halloween pumpkin carving are a huge help cutting out the details.

A melon butterfly and pineapple flowers and stars are especially pretty but take up space. Be prepared to refill these baskets.

If you look really closely, you can see that the carving isn't perfect. No one will notice a few lopsided cuts though.

The last watermelon was the work of a professional obviously. It is so beautiful that no one would ever want to cut into it.

It isn't difficult to make a Watermelon Fruit Basket but it does take time, especially if a carved edge is used. Using a melon baller for the inside can take quite a while too. Your hands probably aren't used to the repetitive motions required in carving and making the balls; I highly recommend having a friend help. Make the basket the day before the party and keep in the fridge. Fill with the fruit at the last minute.
(All photos used under a Creative Commons License.)