My World Wednesday: How I Spent My Vacation

Even though we didn’t go away for our vacation, it was still supposed to be a time of having fun, eating some good food and relaxing on the porch swing. Unfortunately none of that happened.

Over the weekend my husband visited his mother and found her not feeling well. They both chalked it up to her usual medical problems. She kept getting worse though and had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Doctors discovered she had a ruptured appendix. Apparently elderly people don’t get the amount of pain that others do so they don’t recognize appendicitis for what it is. She’s recovering quite well and today will move to a nursing home for a few weeks to regain her strength.

In the middle of all that, I had a root canal scheduled. I told my husband that it would be a quick and simple matter because as a front tooth it has only one root. Sure enough, I was in and out of the endodontist’s office in 45 minutes. The next day I had significant pain which the doctor had told me to expect. Taking 3 Advil every 6 hours as instructed didn’t help at all. By Sunday morning I was in agony. My dentist called in a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication—I had an infection in the root canal.

I’d taken Vicodin through the years and it always worked miracles on pain. It did nothing for my tooth pain though. I tried ice, I tried heat, I tried vanilla, garlic and alcohol. No relief. My face was swollen to the point that my husband said I looked as though I’d just come from a prize fight.

The antibiotics did finally catch hold and this morning I am out of pain. Whew!

Did you ever hear the old saying that things come in threes? That crossed my mind and I wondered what would be next. I didn’t have to wait long. Last night I received a call from my credit card company asking if I’d made certain charges. No, I definitely did not join an online single parents’ dating club, an online escort service and I didn’t buy a pair of cowboy boots. Isn’t that a funny combination. I had to cancel the card, which I use for everything, and wait for a new one to be issued. Oh, bother, as Alton Brown would say.

So I have my three in for now and things are looking up. It will probably be days until I can get around to visit my friends as I have a lot of catching up to do around the house. I’m sure things will settle back to normal soon though. At least I’m hoping so.