Teacher Appreciation Tea: The Menu

Since several students or students’ moms will be preparing this tea, some recipes must be simple enough for those with only basic cooking or baking skills. Allow each hostess to pick from a list of recipes and make it clear that for consistency’s sake, each recipe should be followed exactly.

This tea party menu starts with a pretty orange Carrot Soup with a small kick of ginger. It is sure to wake up everyone’s appetite. Hostesses can transport this soup and keep it hot in slow cookers.

Since there might not be access to an oven to warm the scones, bake naturally moist Apple Scones. They are delicious at room temperature. Serve them with clotted cream and apple jelly or with apple butter. Don’t ask an inexperienced baker to contribute these scones to the tea as they need a light touch.

You might decide to serve only one kind of tea sandwich or two or all three; that’s up to you. I like to serve Angel Tea Sandwiches at Christmas but I think they are appropriate for this tea in honor of teachers too.

Southwestern Ham Wraps look so pretty on the plate. This is a good item for a non-baker to contribute. It’s a simple mix and assemble dish.

Festive Chicken Tea Sandwiches round out the tea sandwich selections. Sliced chicken instead of the usual chicken salad is used for these treats. Decorated with greens and cherry tomatoes, they’re hard to resist.

There has to be an apple dessert for teachers! Serve Apple Streusel Cheesecake Bars. These are baked in a 9"x13" pan. Cut the bars into 32 pieces and one pan might be enough for your tea. They are super rich so this won’t seem skimpy.

Waldorf Salad is an old favorite that also features apples. Any of the tea party hostesses can chop and mix. Suggest this dish to non-cooks.

I’m a firm believer that every tea needs something chocolate. Cookie Dough Brownies are quick and simple to make. Throw them in the oven just before leaving for the tea party site and they’ll still be warm when the party begins.

Finally the tea, a Homemade Chai will go beautifully with this tea party menu. This is a bit unusual and I think teachers, who are always the first to try something different, will really go for this. As a contrast or back-up, have some icy cold cider on hand too.

Recipes begin tomorrow!