Tea Party Help from Catalogs

The Christmas catalogs have started arriving at my house this week. Some go directly into the pitch pile but some make my mouth water. I’m not going to mention any tea catalogs today; instead I want to talk about those that offer wonderful things for tea parties.

I’ve mentioned Stonewall Kitchen before but their catalog arrived yesterday and they have even more great stuff than ever. The cover features a jar of Maple Pumpkin Butter. Can’t you just imagine how that would taste on scones! Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Mimosa Jam, Mango Peach Jam—I could eat these from the jar. Their Lemon Curd tastes just like homemade, complete with pieces of lemon zest. Think of the tarts you could make with that. I’m definitely ordering their Balsamic Fig Salad Dressing and will be using that in an upcoming recipe. My favorite item of all though is their Farmhouse Ketchup. It tastes just like the ketchup my grandmother made. You might not use this for a tea party but once you taste it, you’ll use it on everything. Visit their web site if you don’t receive the catalog.

Yesterday’s mail also brought the Wolferman’s catalog. You might find it strange to get excited about English muffins but if you’ve ever tasted Wolferman’s you’ll understand. They have unusual flavors like Apple Orchard, Cranberry Citrus and Cherry Jubilee. Their mini English muffins are perfect for serving at a tea party. Top them with either sweet or savory ingredients for a wonderful little bite. Wolferman’s has crumpets too and scones and tea breads. If you don’t like to bake, this is the place for you. Find them here.

The Baker’s Catalogue says they have quality products, recipes and inspiration for bakers. They do! King Arthur Flour is the best but my local grocery store doesn’t carry it. It is worth paying shipping for it. This catalog has a mix for every baked good you can imagine. They also sell individual products for baking. And they sell baking pans and dishes and gadgets. I just counted; they sell over 20 different kinds of flours. How special it is to offer homemade bread for your tea sandwiches. There web site is here.

Williams-Sonoma has lots of stores but looking through their catalog is a special treat. They carry knives, pans, dishes, tablecloths, appliances and gadgets. Everything is top quality. Whether you are a serious foodie or a casual cook, you’ll find something for your tea parties that you need here. One of the especially nice features of their catalog is that there is a recipe on almost every page. Look for them here.