Tea for Large Groups

I want to interrupt my Don’t Panic Tea Party today to respond to an email I received asking how to prepare the tea concentrate I’d mentioned in past post. The person writing is responsible for her church’s Mother and Daughter Banquet this weekend and was very worried about how to make the tea. Perhaps there is someone else in this same situation.

Using a tea concentrate is the best way to serve tea at fundraiser teas or banquets your group might hold. The tea can be made in advance, making things easier for everyone. Here’s how to make and use tea concentrate.

Since I was asked specifically about making 100 cups of tea, I’ll use that proportion. In a large pan bring 3 quarts of water to a boil. Add 8 ounces of loose tea. Allow to steep for 4 minutes. Pour the tea through a mesh strainer to remove all tea leaves. Missed leaves will cause the tea to become bitter so take care to get all of them. Set the pan containing the now decanted tea in a sink of cold water in order to cool it quickly. Store the tea syrup in the fridge. Cover it to prevent it from picking up odors from the fridge.

To serve, add about 2 tablespoons of tea concentrate to each teacup and fill with very hot water. Boiling water isn’t required but no one likes lukewarm tea. You might prefer to fill a pot instead of individual cups. Use 1 cup tea syrup for each 8-cup pot. Adjust the proportions up or down depending on teapot size.