Don't Panic Tea Party: Cheesecake Mini Tarts

This is the final recipe for the Don't Panic Tea Party and it's another made from store-bought ingredients. These tarts are so cute and tasty that no guest will care that you didn't make them from scratch.

Have you seen Philly Cheesecake Filling at your store? It comes in a big tub and might be quite dangerous to have around the house if you love cheesecake. I can imagine fridge doors open late at night while everyone stands there eating the cheesecake filling with a spoon.

The cheesecake filling simply gets spooned into premade phyllo tart shells from the frozen section of the grocery store. Decorate the tarts with fruit, a bit of jelly, coconut, chocolate shavings, whatever you like in regular cheesecake. Just make sure to drain any fruit well. I used maraschino cherries and a shaving of chocolate for mine. Yep, it is that simple.

I hope you've enjoyed this tea theme. It is good to have some super-quick tea recipes in your repertoire so that you can invite friends for tea with a moment's notice. Next week I'll have a new theme and lots more recipes. Please join me here.