Don't Panic Tea Party: Pound Cake and Lemon Curd

On to the sweets course for the Don't Panic Tea Party. Frozen pound cake, lemon curd from a jar and whipped cream are all the elements that make up this quick dish. This makes a nice treat, served with a cup of tea, for drop-in guests too; all the ingredients can be pulled from freezer and pantry.

Please keep in mind that the point of this tea theme is to show how to have guests for tea at a moment's notice. Too often we hesitate to invite friends to our homes because we don't think we have enough time to prepare something good to eat. I wanted to show how to have a tea party with very little effort and time involved. This tea works well too for women who don't bake or don't have very good cooking skills.

Of course, homemade pound cake, lemon curd and whipped cream are all better when prepared from scratch. By all means, use homemade if you have the time. The key to using store bought is to buy the highest quality ingredients you can find. I used Barefoot Contessa lemon curd and honestly no one would know it came from a jar.