A Bridal Shower Tea Party: The Menu

It is always so nice to welcome your guests with a drink. Champagne is traditional perhaps but a fruity punch with or without alcohol works well too. If the weather is hot and humid, a glass of iced tea or lemonade would be especially refreshing.

The first course for this bridal shower tea is a Pear, Walnut and Watercress Salad. The watercress has a nice peppery flavor that contrasts so well with the sweet pears. Serve the salad dressing in a pretty little pitcher so each guest can use as little or as much as she likes.

The scone course is next. Dried Cherry Lemon Scones are as pretty as they are tasty. Offer clotted cream and cherry preserves. These can be placed on the tables before guests are seated.

For the savory course, Chicken Salad Finger Sandwiches are traditional and elegant. Crab Salad in Cucumber Cups is an upgrade to the usual cucumber sandwich. Bacon Mini Quiches are always welcomed by guests. Depending on the number of guests, 3-tiered trays could be used for this course but plan to have one for every 4 guests. I prefer to plate this course in the kitchen and then pass among the guests with a large tray offering seconds.

If there is room, a separate table should be set up for the sweets course. Unless you’re a great cake decorator, order a pretty cake from a bakery. A carved Watermelon Basket will look nice on the table with the cake. Lavender Shortbread Cookies are good for guests who only want a small sweet bite.

If there are more than a dozen guests, prepare a Tea Concentrate as I’ve described in a previous post. This will greatly simplify the tea part of this party.

It does take more hands to serve a sit-down tea than a buffet tea but it really does work better for a bridal shower where guests will be watching the bride open gifts. Ask a couple friends who don’t know the bride and wouldn’t be expected to be invited to the shower to help serve. If everyone you know is attending the shower, ask a couple of the younger girls to help. They will enjoy having a little role in the party.