Today's Gracious Hospital-i-Tea's Blog-a-Thon post is sharing about teapots. Do you have one? two? or three? maybe more? Is it for display only or do you use it for tea? What is the tea server you use most? Your favorite teapot (or is it something like a quart jar?). Tell your teapot story, give it's history, and tell what it means to you. You can share more than once if you'd like. Antique, new, Asian, English, or something in between --- we'd love to know!

My favorite every day teapots are these Chatsford teapots. They work well for small, informal tea parties; everyone can have her own individual pot. But mostly I just use the 2-cup pots for my own tea. This size is perfect for me as I usually drink only two cups of tea at a time. I like choosing from the different colors depending on my mood of the day, calm white, pretty lavender, happy yellow and sophisticated black. The larger green pot is a six-cup size.

A special feature of the Chatsford teapots is the mesh infuser basket. The basket's red tabs can be seen in the photo. They are large enough to hold just the right amount of loose tea and allow it to expand properly. The teapots are thick and heavy and keep the tea hot for a long time. I've never had one drip when pouring, the only teapots I have that don't.

I'm sure these pots won't be the fanciest or prettiest teapots shown in this week's blog-a-thon but I am sure they are at the top when it comes to functionality and ease of use. I really love these teapots.