My World Wednesday: Payin' It Forward

Isn’t it great fun to receive a package in the mail! The mailman brought me one from Moonshadow at KS Born yesterday. I recently participated in Payin’ It Forward. The idea is to accept a gift and then give gifts in return. I didn’t know Moonshadow at the time but I’d missed Anita’s posting about the event and Moonshadow invited me to join hers. I’m so glad I did.

Moonshadow and I started emailing back and forth. I can tell you that she must have paid attention to every word I wrote. We discovered a common interest in personal histories and genealogy research. Moonshadow belongs to the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. It was so interesting to compare those Germans to the Amish and Mennonites living in my area.

One of the gifts she gave me is a huge cookbook called “Sei Unser Gast” (Be Our Guest.) It is filled with recipes from the historical society members. Many are the recipes from mothers and grandmothers handed down through the generations. The history of the food we eat is so fascinating. I recognized many dishes that I thought were unique to my area but now I realize they aren’t. I am going to spend hours and hours with this wonderful book of recipes.

Moonshadow sent me two small books about real women and the lives they lead. Lavina Gates Chapman was born in 1835 and she shared her memories and stories in “Short Stories of Pioneer Days.” The other story is of Edna Allen Windhorst. I haven’t had the opportunity to read these yet. I want to save them for a quiet time when I can sit and enjoy them.

Also in the package were the cutest earrings and pin set. They are vintage, from an estate, Moonshadow tells me. As someone who always gets lost at the jewelry sections at flea markets and antique stores, this was such a treat for me. I’m going to wear this on Easter; I don’t believe in not using things and keeping them only in a jewelry box where no one else can enjoy them.

Moonshadow sent me a tin container of Autumn cutters. That is very nice in itself. I will definitely put these to good use. But there was a story to go along with these. Moonshadow’s friend Carol had given these to her. Carol passed away the day before Christmas last year. It means so much to me that Moonshadow has now given these to me. I will think of both ladies each time I use them.

Thank you so much for every one of the gifts, Moonshadow. I can tell the care you took to pick each one especially for me. I never would have expected such personally meaningful gifts. The best gift of all though is one of friendship. I am so happy to call Moonshadow my friend.