My World Wednesday: Collections, Part 1

I have several small collections and I thought I’d show one of them today. Here are some of the little boxes I love. The black ones are Russian Lacquer. Each one is a miniature painting of a scene from Russian life or an illustration of a Russian folktale. The others are figural or decorative. I especially like the old-fashioned high shoe. You might notice that they are sitting on the red marble of my Eastlake bedroom set.

Rose Michelle at A Cup of Tea with Friends tagged me for the 7 Weird or Random Facts meme. I thought I’d give it a try. I’m supposed to tag 7 other people but I’ll leave it up to anyone who wants to do it.

1. I have professional culinary experience. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Actually in high school I worked at a snack bar dishing up burgers, fries and shakes. I learned a lot about safe food handling there and about working under pressure.

2. I’m afraid of heights. Two steps on a stepladder and that’s it for me. It’s a good excuse for never having to wash windows, hang curtains or paint.

3. I’ve worked in a nuclear power plant. I had my own hard hat, wore lots of dosimeter badges and was tested daily for how much radiation I might have taken. Funny, almost anything can seen normal when you do it day after day.

4. I met my husband in 7th grade. We had almost every class together for six years. The guy kind of grew on me.

5. We got married on his birthday.

6. I kill houseplants.

7. I often hear someone walking up the front stairs when I think I’m alone in the house. I’ve also heard someone come in the back door but no one ever arrives. When this happens, I always greet Grant, the man who built the house. Fortunately for me, I’ve never heard him say hello back.