Easter Brunch Tea Menu

The menu for the Easter Brunch Tea Party is all do-ahead. Attend Easter Dawn Services, regular Easter services or sleep late on Saturday. This Brunch Tea takes care of itself on the morning of your party.

Welcome your guests to your home with a Pomegranate Sparkler. No one can resist the pretty color and the bubbles in this non-alcoholic drink. It is so good for you too.

On the dining table set a beautiful bowl of Honey-Lime Fruit Salad so guests can help themselves. The honey-lime dressing adds a special touch but if you prefer, serve the fruit salad without it for a more low-cal version.

The French Toast Casserole is made the night before the party and baked in the oven for just 40 minutes before serving. Use a pretty, oven-safe 9x13” dish and it can go directly to the buffet table (on a heat resistant trivet, of course.)

Heating along side the French toast are Oven Home Fries and Sausage Balls. The Sausage Balls are a Paula Deen recipe so you know already what to expect. The Home Fries are simple and delicious. There aren’t many times during the year when you get to eat potatoes for breakfast—your guests will love them.

Since the oven is full, prepare Asparagus with Lemon the day before your tea. This dish is served cold or at room temperature and takes the place of a green salad. If you really want to impress your guests, use white asparagus.

No Easter meal would be complete without eggs. Serve both Deviled Eggs and that old Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, Red Beet Eggs.

Little Carrot Cakes are a sweet bite and will please any bunnies that might stop by.

The preparation of the tea, the ceremony of pouring it and offering special sugars and perhaps lemon are what make this brunch a tea brunch. Tea is a main component and requires some special leaves. Harney and Sons has a beautiful tea, perfect for Easter, called Chinese Flower. It is a blend of green teas and three types of flowers accented with citrus flavors. It is never a bad idea to have a second tea. Earl Grey Supreme, also from Harney, is made with a higher grade of tea leaves than regular Earl Grey. Folks who enjoy Earl Grey will love this version.

Stop back tomorrow for recipes and more Easter Brunch Tea ideas.