Ivy and Lace Tea: Prosciutto-Wrapped Fruit

You don’t really need a recipe for this. Wrap strips of prosciutto around the fruit of your choice. Ta-Da, finished!

Melon has a special affinity for prosciutto and that is what we usually see. You don’t have to use melon balls, slices look pretty too. For the Ivy and Lace Tea, you might want to use only green-fleshed melon to fit into the theme.

Figs are another favorite. Figs stuffed with a soft cheese before wrapping with the prosciutto are extra special.

The only thing to consider when choosing fruit is to take care with fruit that turns brown in the air. Dunk the fruit pieces in some lemon juice before wrapping.

Even though this is a super simple dish, it isn’t short on taste. Your guests will love it.