Valentine's Day Afternoon Tea Party

When I started to plan my next Afternoon Tea Party theme, it seemed obvious to do a Valentine’s Day Tea. It’s a big holiday here in the US and there are a lot of foods and decorations associated with it. I’ve been struggling for the last two weeks to plan something that appealed to me around red hearts, chocolate and lace doilies. Bah, I just couldn’t do it.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it isn’t easy to keep the tackiness and kitsch away. And overly cute--no way! Victorian Valentine ideas have been done to death; I didn’t want to go there. And the food! I could have created an entire menu using heart-shaped foods! But, no.

So I’m going to pass on a Valentine’s Day Tea this year. That’s not to suggest the day shouldn’t be celebrated. Go ahead and bake a heart-shaped cake and give your sweetie kisses, candy or otherwise!

Come back Thursday to see what the next Afternoon Tea Party theme WILL be.