My World Wednesday: Hot Tea Month II

I want to thank everyone who left a positive comment yesterday. I really appreciate each one more than you know. I’ve decided to continue to allow anonymous comments since receiving such a sweet one from an anonymous poster yesterday. Lots of people don’t have Blogger accounts but I still enjoy hearing their feedback.

It’s still Hot Tea Month so I thought I’d show my favorite teapots. These aren’t fancy but they work better than any other teapot I’ve had. They are Chatsford Teapots, made in England. These are two-cup size which are perfect for my own tea sessions. They are great to use for a small tea party too; everyone can have her own pot and the variety of tea she prefers. These pots come with a mesh strainer basket making it easy to remove the tea leaves after they’ve steeped. I think there would be more loose-leaf tea drinkers if everyone had one of these pots.

My friend Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor tagged me for another meme. So here goes!

Four Movies Watched Over and Over:
Solaris, the original, not the Clooney version
Heaven Over Berlin, later made into City of Angels
Doctor Zhivago
Waking Ned Devine

Four Places I have Lived:
In a city apartment
In a 160-year-old farm house
In a brand new house we built
In a 100-year-old Victorian Queen Anne

Four Shows I Watch:
Barefoot Contessa
Friday Night Lights
Martha Stewart
Divine Design

Four Places I’ve Been:
A Reindeer Farm
A beach house on the bay
Snowmobile races on a frozen lake
A sailboat on windy water

Four People Who Email Me:
People from Ethiopia promising me great riches
People selling pharmaceuticals from their basements
People promising to help with equipment I don’t have
People who can’t spell

Four Favorite Things To Eat:
Steamed Shrimp
Mashed Potatoes
My mother’s caramel icing on a chocolate cake
Fresh Strawberries

Four Things I Look Forward to This Year:
Teaching my puppies better manners
Getting a new car
Or a new furnace
Continuing my blog and meeting new friends