My World Wednesday: Of Dolls and Tea

Since my tea theme has been Chinese New Year, I want to show you these little dolls. They were given to my mother-in-law 80 years ago by her Aunt Dorothy. Aunt Dorothy lived in the Panama Canal Zone when it was being built (it opened in 1914.) She’d just finished nursing school when the call came out asking for nurses to go to Panama. While she was there, she met her engineer husband and they lived in Panama for many years. They had access to wonderful foreign things because of the ships passing through.

As you can see, these little dolls were well loved; they weren’t just kept on a shelf. They are dressed in beautifully embroidered clothing which is still in good shape. I don’t know any more about them, and in fact, had forgotten all about them until about 3:00 last night.

Now for a different turn, Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor mentioned I might want to do the meme she had on her site. I’m going to give it a try but with a tea twist. I'm not going to tag anyone for this but if you want to use it, please do.

Here are the rules:
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1. My earliest memories are of having tea and toast for breakfast. I was probably about 3 when I finished with tiny kid food and went to tea. Today researchers don’t recommend giving tea to kids because it may stunt their growth. It troubles me to no end to realize that maybe I could have been a professional women’s basketball star.

2. As a kid I put 3 heaping teaspoons of sugar in my tea and I loved lemon. Once I discovered quality tea, I didn’t need any sugar or lemon or milk.

3. Tetley Tea in bags was the tea of choice when I was growing up. I drank this every day for 30 years. And even today when I’m sick with a bad cold or flu, this is the tea I want in my cup…with lots of sugar.

4. In the days before Celestial Seasonings packed the grocery store shelves with colorful boxes of flavored teas, my mother managed to find big assortments of different teas. Each winter night after dinner, we each carefully picked one to try. I remember Earl Grey being a big favorite.

5. My mother-in-law took me to my first tearoom about 20 years ago. I was hooked the moment I sat down.

6. My friend Lisa and I meet in a tearoom at least once a month for a cream tea. We spend a couple hours talking over pots of tea and scones.

7. Lisa and I seriously considered opening our own tearoom. We even had a location picked out in the antique district of a local town. The more we thought about it though, the more we realized that all the cooking and baking every day would probably be too much of a grind. We’re much happier being customers today.