My World Wednesday: Early Christmas Gift

Santa had UPS deliver an early Christmas present yesterday. I received six cups and saucers and six 7” plates in one of my favorite Depression Glass patterns called Harp.

Several years ago we found the cake stand at a yard sale priced at $2.00. My eagle-eyed husband snapped it up recognizing it as Depression. He knows too that I love to use cake stands for my teas. Though I rarely serve a whole cake, the stands hold everything from mini desserts to tea sandwiches piled high.

Depression Glass was really inexpensive, machine produced glass. Like my Holly Berry dishes I showed last week, Depression Glass was sold in Five and Dime stores or given as incentives or promotional inducements to buy other products.

The Harp pattern was made by the Jeannette Glass Company between 1954 and 1957, outside the Depression years. The photo might not show it well but the pieces are crystal with gold trim. In addition to the pieces shown, a 2-handled tray, coasters and a vase were the only other pieces made in this pattern. Because this pattern doesn’t look like typical Depression Glass, it is often mistaken for Early American Pressed Glass.

My husband had been searching eBay for this pattern for more than a year. He found some pieces but they weren’t in perfect condition or the sellers were shipping-price gougers. He was so excited to find this set that he couldn’t keep it a surprise. Santa and I didn’t mind one bit.