Merry Christmas!

I won't be posting to my blog until after the holidays. That doesn't mean I won't be around, I'll still be popping in to read about everyone's Christmas. I want to finish out 2007 with some post cards from 100 years ago. I love the way Santas have changed through the years.

The first Santa looks like one we'd see today. Notice the American flags decorating his sleigh.
This is an embossed card with unusual blue to pink shading. I love this Santa's full beard and long hair.

This Santa is my favorite in his blue outfit.

Quite modern looking except for the black fur on his suit. The look of the children is especially interesting on this card.

I had to include "Scary Santa" in the group. Isn't he the creepiest Santa you've ever seen? I know I wouldn't want to find him coming down my chimney!

Merry Christmas, everyone! See you in the New Year!