The Traveling Teacups Menu

The Traveling Teacups menu is a simple one. It has lots of tasty treats. They are easy to carry and no hassle to arrange. Remember to always keep the cold food like the sandwich fillings cold.

I don’t include soup or a salad for this tea as it requires extra dishes and carrying containers and these are messy foods to eat for older folks. I like my scones warm from the oven so I take tea bread instead.

Traveling Teacups Menu

Zucchini Bread with Honey Butter
Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches on White and Brown
Ham Salad Tea Sandwiches on Brown and White
Homemade Pickles
Thumbprint Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Chocolate Fudge
Guangdong Black (Guang Dong He) from Silk Road Teas

Things to Carry in Your Tea Basket

Teapot and thermos of prepared tea
Plates, teacups, saucers, spoons, knives for spreading the honey butter
Pretty napkins
Sugar and a couple artificial sweetener packs
Lemon slices (older ladies like this)
Tea towels for protecting the cups and saucers and teapot
The tea food packed in disposable containers so you can leave any leftovers behind
Freezer packs
A flower and vase for the tea table
Prepared reading material, you might not use this but it is good to have just in case

Things to Carry in Your Head

Older ladies often ask me to say a blessing before eating so be prepared.
Have a couple leading questions ready. All people love to tell their stories so give your guest that opportunity.
Keep in mind the reason for this tea. Even if annoying things happened to you that morning, put on your happy face and don't mention one word of complaint.
Don't get so caught up in laying out the tea food that you ignore your guest, even for a moment.
Allow yourself to feel joyful.