Timetable for the Summer Budget Tea

Up to Two Weeks Ahead:
Cook the chicken for the chicken salad and the soup broth. Store chicken meat and broth separately in the freezer.
Prepare and freeze scones. Reheat for 5 minutes in a 350ยบ oven before serving
Prepare the Watermelon Ice
Bake the Vanilla Sugar Tea Cookies and freeze

Three Days Ahead:
Prepare croutons and keep fresh in a Ziploc bag

Two Days Ahead:
Prepare the carrot salad and store in the fridge
Prepare the Summer Cheesecake Bars but do not top with fruit

The Day Before:
Prepare the Mixed Vegetable Puree
Prepare the chicken salad and store in the fridge but do not make up the sandwiches
Defrost the Vanilla Sugar Tea Cookies and Frost

The Day of the Party:
Prepare the Egg Salad in Tomato Cups
Prepare the Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Assemble the Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches
Prepare the Stuffed Grapes
Defrost the Watermelon Ice 15 minutes before serving
Top Summer Cheesecake Bars with fruit just before serving
Make the tea!