Firefly Tea

Late summer is the perfect time for watching fireflies. And it is the perfect time for a Firefly Tea! Gather your friends, lots of them, to enjoy the last warm summer evenings.

Twinkling light is the first thing to think about when planning your decorations for a Firefly Tea. Get out your white Christmas lights and string them through your trees, on your garden fence, circling big pots of flowers. Speaking of Christmas, why not borrow another idea and place luminaries around your yard. Of course, don’t forget the candles. Bring out every white candle you have. Group them down the length of your table, set them on rocks in groups of three. If you have some hanging candle holders, attach them to tree branches.

Have you noticed how white flowers look underneath the moon? They have a beautiful glow that you don’t see in the daylight. Their scent is stronger then too. Bring any pots of your white flowers into your party space. Add one or two yellow flowers as well. If you don’t have any potted flowers, assemble little bouquets of cut white flowers in clear glass vases. Add one or two yellow flowers for color.

So far on the table we have white candles and white and yellow flowers. Use a white tablecloth as well as white dishes, if you have them. White and yellow napkins would be the perfect compliment. Sprinkle mirror confetti on the table for even more sparkle.

To make the setting even more special, sink some plastic pipe into the ground, drape white nylon netting between these poles and let it cascade down each pole to the ground. Loop a yellow bow around a bunch of netting to achieve a full, bloused look.

Some people are lucky enough to have lots of natural "music" in their yards. If you don’t, buy an environment CD that has the sounds of night creatures with only the lightest bit of instrumental music to accompany them. A Firefly Tea is all about soothing and natural sensory experiences.

I don’t usually ask guests to dress a certain way but for this tea, it adds to the atmosphere if everyone wears white or yellow clothes. Almost every woman has a pair of white slacks or a white skirt or even white shorts. Men have white or yellow golf shirts usually in their closets.

Yes, I said men! This is a tea where couples are invited. There is certainly nothing inherently feminine about drinking tea and no reason why men wouldn't enjoy this party. The only caveat is that you’ll need more food. A two-bite tea sandwich isn't going to go very far in satisfying a guy’s appetite. It is okay to go outside a normal tea menu to include more filling food for this event.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the Firefly Tea menu!