Tea at Dawn: The Menu

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to tell you that my tray is Russian Gzhel Porcelain. A friend brought it back for me after visiting family there. The tray has a tab for hanging but I’m too afraid it might fall off the wall to do that. You’ll see the tray again, as well as some of my other Russian pieces, when I feature a Russian Tea Theme.

Okay, back to Tea at Dawn. Since the hostess for this tea will be busy walking, biking, touring or tai chiing with her guests before the tea, she’ll need everything to be made ahead and ready to serve. This menu handles that perfectly.

For all those energetic, hard-exercising guests, set up a Smoothie Bar. Smoothies can be both super healthy and super tasty. Fresh fruit, yogurt, honey, nuts, low-fat milk and even ice cream will give everyone a great choice in their own smoothie. Offer a few special organic supplements too for those who might like an extra boost.

What is a breakfast without muffins! I’ll have recipes for a couple that I especially love using more fresh fruit and healthy grains.

Homemade granola tastes nothing like the stuff you get in a box. Some guests will want to eat it dry, out of hand, some will like it in a bowl with a little milk and others will like it on top of their smoothie.

Often guests, especially the guys, might enjoy something a bit more substantial. Offer a slice of cheesy quiche packed with veggies for the really hungry. The quiche features a whole wheat crust continuing the good-for-you theme.

Last but not least, the tea for this party is an Iced Spiced Tea. Cold and very refreshing, it will help your tea friends to get on with their busy days, especially those who going on to work.

Join me again tomorrow for the recipes and how-tos!