My World Wednesday: Seamus


Two weeks ago, it was Maggie's birthday and tomorrow is Seamus'. He's two years old. As you can tell from the photos, Seamus' favorite activity is sleeping. Eating is a close second with this boy.

How dry I am.... :hiccup:

While Maggie is my wild nut, Seamus is my little lovey. He is happiest when he can snuggle up tight. It wasn't always that way. When Seamus came to us, he was nine months old. He was a cute little puppy but as he grew his former owners couldn't handle him. He lived in a crate most of the time. That made him aggressive when he was free. He growled at me, jumped at me and bit me twice. Over time though a bond of trust developed. It is hard to believe now that he's the same dog. He's sweet and gentle and happy.

Can't I wake him up now? He's been sleeping all afternoon!

Seamus and Maggie have a special bond. They share everything from toys to food. Even though they have very different temperaments, they suffer when they are apart even if it is just long enough for a trip to the vet.

One of my favorite little pleasures in life is when all of us pile into the bed for a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Maggie sleeps between our pillows and Seamus usually sleeps diagonally at our legs. Thankfully, we have a king-sized bed!