My World Wednesday: Maggie

Too sleepy to open both eyes.

Hey, who turned up the air conditioning!

Today is Maggie’s First Birthday! She has lots of presents waiting for her, a new ball, a new chewy bone, a new collar, Butterscotch Krimpets and newspaper hats and lots of kisses. She doesn’t much like singing but there will surely be a few rounds of Happy Birthday.

Maggie is a Boston Terrier, an all-American breed. She is as highly intelligent as she is highly silly. She knows lots of words; her favorites being walk, ride, porch and cookie. Her favorite game is to roll up in her blanket to become mummy dog.

Com'on just try to take my ring!

Boston Terriers are companion dogs. I didn’t have a full appreciation of what that meant until Maggie came to live with us. She is by my side every moment of the day. Upstairs, downstairs, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bed. Whenever I sit down, she’s right there snuggling beside me. Her favorite game with my husband is to jump up in his lap, crawl up his chest and present her cheek for him to kiss. He calls her the little princess.

Long before Maggie joined our family, my mother-in-law passed this cast iron doorstop on to us. It had been in the family, probably from the early 1900s. I never guessed we’d have a living model to go with it.

I do have some advice for anyone looking for a puppy. Check first with your local animal shelter/rescue. There have been so many dogs abandoned because of the housing crisis. These are fine, loving dogs and often they’ve already been trained and housebroken. You might find too dogs that have been rescued from puppy mill operators. And the saddest situation of all, there are dogs whose owners have passed away. I hate to think of a little, well-loved dog suddenly uprooted from everything he’s ever known. Please do consider a rescue dog like Terri from Lakewood Manor did. Click on her blog to see her happy pictures.