Don't Panic Tea: The Shopping List

I wanted to begin with the shopping list to show the ingredients that make up the Don’t Panic Tea. You can see that there are lots of fresh items along with already prepared and packaged foods. While it isn’t difficult to make brownies from scratch, for example, buying a boxed mix ensures that you’ll have all the necessary ingredients, you won’t have to measure and there’s no mess. Remember, this tea is one to create on the spur of the moment. It’s for those times when you might have only a day or even just a morning to get ready for your tea guests. The shopping list isn't terribly long so you won't have to spend hours at the grocery store.

Shopping List:
Yellow bell pepper, 1
Fresh basil, 1 bunch
Fresh dill, 1 bunch
Cherry tomatoes, pint
Red cabbage, 1 small bag
Bagged baby salad greens
Cucumber, 1
Cauliflower, pre-cut, small bag
Lime, 1
Strawberries, 1 small container
Salad dressing from the refrigerated section
Phyllo cups, from the freezer section
Frozen pound cake
High quality tomato soup, 1 can or box
Prepared cheesecake filling in a tub
Smoked salmon, 4 ounces
Cheese spread, 4 ounce jar
Heavy cream, 1 pint
Lemon curd, 1 jar
Brownie mix
Lemon poppy seed bread mix
Peanut butter chips, 12 ounces
White bread, thin style
Brown bread
Round crackers, appetizer style