Winter White and Spring Green Tea Party Timetable

This post concludes my ideas and recipes for the Winter White and Spring Green Tea Party. A new theme begins Monday!

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A Week Before:
Make the Truffles
Bake the Frosty Apricot Scones and freeze

Two Days Before:
Prepare the Herbed Potato Soup

The Day Before:
Bake, fill and ice the Lime-Filled Cupcakes
Extract the seeds from the pomegranate for Brie Sandwiches
Steam the shrimp for the Shrimp Bites

Morning of the Tea Party:
Prepare the White Chocolate Strawberries and allow to harden
Mix the filling for the Avocado-Almond Tea Sandwiches
Mix the base for the Shrimp Bites
Prepare the cream topping for the Chambord Grapes

Just before the Party:
Fill the Avocado-Almond Tea Sandwiches
Prepare the Brie Tea Sandwiches
Assemble the Shrimp Bites
Bake the frozen scones to reheat
Assemble the Chambord Grapes
Make the tea