Winter White and Spring Green Tea Party: Shrimp Bites

These Shrimp Bites have an aioli-like base. Real aioli calls for raw egg and a mortar and pestle. Then there is quick aioli which can be made in a food processor with pasteurized egg. And finally there is the dolled-up-mayonnaise method which I’ve used.

Another note on this little open-faced sandwich: as shrimp is the featured ingredient, use the nicest ones you can find and try to prepare them yourself. Those available at the deli are so often over steamed and over seasoned. That’s okay for shrimp salad or other dishes where shrimp is mixed with various ingredients but not good enough here. And use large count shrimp, about 26-34.

Caterers tell us that shrimp is the first thing to go when it is served. People often take seconds too. Consider preparing extra Shrimp Bites and passing them on a platter as your guest begin to eat the savory course.

shrimp, 1 pound
Old Bay Seasoning or other crab boil
good quality mayonnaise, 1 cup
lemon zest, 2 teaspoons
garlic, 1 clove minced finely
white bread, cut into rounds
green leaves for garnish

Steam or boil the shrimp with Old Bay. Remember, shrimp are done when they turn pink. Over-cooked shrimp and tough shrimp. If you aren’t sure they are finished, taste one. Peel the shrimp and leave whole. Refrigerate until serving.

Add the lemon zest and garlic to the mayonnaise. Allow the flavors to combine for a couple hours in the fridge.

Assemble by spreading the aioli mayonnaise on the bread rounds and topping with two shrimp. Add a sprinkle of Old Bay and top with a pretty green leaf. Celery leaves work nicely.