My World Wednesday: I Won!

"Cream from the Monarch’s Milkweed
Lightened steamy Rosebud and Dandelion teas.”

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect tea for a little girl? That’s a line from a poem called “Tea in an English Wooded Garden.” The writer is Deborah D. Cashwell from Pictures, Pots and Pens.

Recently Deborah held a drawing for a book of poetry and I won. What a lovely book it is too. Its title is “The Baker’s Dozen, The Cole Foundation Collection: Volume II.” It is filled with wonderful poetry from thirteen different poets.

The moods and styles of poetry are as varied as can be. Love, unrequited love, life, mental illness, beauty of nature, from the deepest of thoughts to the lightness of a dragonfly—it all is part of this world of poetry.

Deborah says she writes gentle poetry. Her words evoke memories from all five senses. I can’t pick a favorite of her poems yet as it takes many readings and an almost memorization for me to have favorites. But these are certainly poems I will read over and over.

I want to thank Deborah for offering this book of poetry and for picking my name to win. She wrote a lovely inscription that I especially treasure too. I don’t want to forget that she included a Vera Bradley candle for helping to set the mood for reading poetry. It smells soooo good.

Any poetry lover whether new to poetry or someone who has loved poetry forever would enjoy this book. Please visit Deborah’s blog for specifics on getting your own copy.

Thank you again, Deborah!