A Birthday Tea for August

Two of my good friends from elementary school are having birthdays in August just one day apart. It is our tradition that we celebrate with tea. We could visit a tea room but I prefer to make the day a bit more personal, private and serene.

Since it will be just the three of us, I’m not going to send paper invitations. My friends won’t be offended by a phone call instead. This way I’ll know if the date I’ve chosen will work with their schedules. Birthday girls are always in high demand, you know.

I’ve based my decorations on this fabric from David Textiles. It is called Rainforest Frogs. It's fun without being cartoonish. I’ve made a tablecloth for my round card table from this material and sewn napkins from a matching orange fabric. To balance the wild colors, I will use white or crystal dishes with some green accent pieces.

Little bouquets of gold and orange marigolds will be perfect. I won’t set flowers on the tea table though as I don’t want the scent to overwhelm the food. Instead I’ll place three small vases in each section of my bay window. For table decoration, there will be childhood photos of my friends in little gold frames.

I like to have music playing in the background. Music from the decade my friends were born seems perfect. Some specially mixed CDs with songs like Sea of Love, Little Darlin’, Mack the Knife and of course, lots of Elvis will put us in a party mood.

For favors/birthday presents, I found several frog things on Etsy. I am especially tickled with the frog soaps that smell of tea and cucumber—what could be more appropriate for this tea party!

As for the menu itself, I’ll be posting that next. Don’t worry, it doesn’t include any frog legs.