Oktoberfest Tea Party: Wurst

I don’t think anyone needs an actual recipe for preparing wurst. Simply brown it or grill it and serve it on a bun. Offer sweet or hot German mustard and sauerkraut on the side. For the Oktoberfest Tea, you might want to cut the wurst in half instead of serving long sausages.

Did you know that Germans eat more than a thousand varieties of sausage? As you can imagine a trip to a German butcher can be confusing. Here are some questions that can help you identify things you don’t want to eat.

Which animal was this?
Was für ein Tier was das?

Which part?
Welcher Teil?

Please just point to the place on your own body.
Bitte zeigen Sie mir die Stelle an Ihrem Körper.

Hmm. That doesn’t look very tasty/healthful.
Hmm. Das sieht mir nicht besonders schmackhaft/gesund aus.

Did I mention that I’ve decided to become a vegetarian?
Habe ich erwähnt, daß ich mich entschlossen habe, Vegetarier zu warden?

Here are some of the many different kinds of wurst available in Germany:
Aalgellewurst – jellied eels
Cervelatwurst – scent organs
Gänseleberwurst – swollen goose livers
Geflügelwurst – things with wings
Lammzungenwurst – tongues of lambs
Leberkäswurst – clotted liver paste
Münchner Weissuwrst – brains of calves
Milzwurst – slippery spleen meats
Rauhwurst – assorted sardine parts
Schweineherzwurst – well marbled pig hearts
Wurstwurst – defective wurst :)